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Is your business maximized to acquire and retain customers?

What does it mean to have a 360 view of customers, and are you there yet?

One of the most difficult exercises for any business is to understand where the "sweet spot" is for customers and potential customers: how to target them and provide content (in whatever form), products and services relevant to convert them and make brand ambassadors. As the new millennium gains in complexity, we realize that this content must be highly targeted and relevant for people to engage above the noise of common commerce, especially with our emerging Millennial and Gen Z audiences. Kerry O’Hara has been actively engaged in identifying this sweet spot as a core competence for years - and there is no one more passionate or rigorous in optimizing organizations for success.

Identify. Measure. Analyze. Improve.

All businesses have pain points

Businesses are not always as efficient as they need to be in creating products to meet consumer demand or delivering products and services the way customers want. Too often, there is not an effective feedback loop with data to steer them in the desired direction.

Through research and analytics, we help you build a complete story, a product/service customer journey. And with our unparalleled expertise with pet owners, we can help you ask: What are their real needs? How can we get there? With strong data paired with appropriate analysis, we will empower you to make the best decisions possible. We identify and help establish connections between pet owners and you.


Research Consulting & Implementation

APG | O’Hara helps brands identify gaps in intelligence and implement strategies to overcome those gaps to meet market success.


Data Analytics & Implementation

Most organizations find they have copious amounts of data with little ability to enable strategic, data-driven decision-making.


Thought Leadership & Strategy Development

Understanding what your business is and how where it needs to go are the basis for success in a cluttered and complicated business field.


Kerry O'Hara

Founder & President

Kerry O’Hara has proven expertise exploring the key sectors in the companion animal landscape: pet owners, veterinarians, vet hospitals, benefits decision-makers – using their voices and behaviors as guideposts.  She has nearly 30 years of applied thought leadership, consumer insights and analytics experience creating content and strategies leading Fortune 100 businesses like Nationwide, HP, Disney, and Microsoft.  This expertise requires a keen ability to understand the complexities of organizations and B2B/B2C landscapes to conceptualize and effectively design insights-driven strategies grounded in a fact base.

“Congratulations!  I knew that could only be a matter of time. There is literally no one who knows more about pet owners, pet behavior, and how to research it.  You are simply the best in the market.  Good luck!”

- Scott Liles. President and Managing Director at ACAMS

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