New Veterinary Services Tax in Kentucky

Kentucky approves veterinary services tax  

PetsPAC packs a political punch

The new political action committee will lobby on behalf of veterinary professionals, industry and pet owners. PetsPAC packs a political punch

The Looming Dog Shortage

The United States will need millions of additional dogs a year to keep pace with the growing number of households. The looming dog shortage

Great Expectations

Only a lawyer could figure out a veterinarian’s reporting duties when animal abuse is suspected. Great expectations

What Would the Veterinary Nurse Initiative Do?

Ken Yagi and Mark Cushing sound off on the nationwide effort. Video: What the Veterinary Nurse Initiative would do

Smartphones and pets and nurses … oh, my!

Human medicine has embraced telemedicine, and younger pet owners favor it, so the future may be closer than you think. Smartphones and pets and nurses … oh, my!  

TVB: Meet Our Editorial Consultants

10 of the profession’s best and brightest are founding board members of Today’s Veterinary Business. Meet our editorial consultants  

Good things happen when you fight back

The veterinary profession scored two big victories thanks to old-fashioned lobbying and one company’s court battle. Good things happen when you fight back  

A Regulatory Road Map for Telehealth & Pet Health Care

Today’s Veterinary Practice The veterinary profession in the United States decided to take telemedicine seriously in 2016. The NAVC ( launched its Veterinary Innovation Council (VIC) a year ago and numerous organizations stepped up to participate in its first project—a telehealth pilot. In April 2017, Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine ( and the NAVC…

Another court opinion scaring folks about the status of pets as property

DVM360 Magazine Judges’ comments meant to explain why the state of Oregon is hard on animal abusers, not change longheld precedent. My last blog analyzed a Georgia Supreme Court opinion about damages for the loss of a pet. Animal health publications and blogs were wringing their hands about the implications of this decision for the…